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Drawing has always been one of our favorite hobbies. It would always be there for us, whether we are alone, sad, or happy. Drawing has been our comfort, our temporary vacation from the world. We dream of our worlds, our fantasies. While they are not reality, we can surely bring them to reality by creating them though our drawings.

Hello everyone! It's been more than a year since I last posted anything on my journal and one of the biggest reasons for that was because I was moving to Seattle. I have been living here for at least a little more than a year now and I am very glad that I was able to make the move when I had the chance. While not everything has been good and there were a few up and down moments, I would like to say that overall I am a little happier with my current life than I was a year ago in the bay area (mainly Palo Alto). It also didn't really help that all of 2015 and 2016 are two of the worst years back to back that I have ever lived through. Sadly it doesn't look any brighter going into 2017.

A lot of things have been happening in my life and one of the biggest changes was pretty much my big move. The move costed me more than a few grand, mainly due to the down payment for the apartment as well as the U-haul that I was using. Take note, when moving to another state, it's best to move with as little as possible. As for how I am liking Seattle? I really like it and unlike my move to the bay area, my expectation weren't so high. It's not the greatest of all places and it's not the best for everyone but for what little it had, it was pretty much enough for my needs/wants. It's interesting knowing that it's one of the few places where I can go hiking, swimming, or walking around down town within a few minutes from each other. The public transportation is actually rather clean and kept nicely. (If you've taken public transportation within the bay area, you know how dirty it can get.) As of this point, I have already plan on settling in this area. That and as I get older, I need to focus more on what I have and how I can be conformable in my future (not talking about career but life in general).

To Kaiju or not to Kaiju:

I haven't really been active on any of the Kaiju related materials for the past few months other than a few things related to Shin Godzilla, so I am quite behind. I think the reason for that is because I am pretty much burned out on a lot of kaiju related materials that were big disappointment. Don't get me wrong though, my disappointment has nothing to do with any of the official products but related to fan made projects or projects that were backed by fans only for things to fall apart. I'm sure everyone has notice a few arts being modify in my deviantart and a few that were deleted a few weeks before I stopped posting. These change were intentional and a few of you (or most) can already guess why already.

During February of 2016, I started being active on a side project that I've always wanted to do and while I have posted a few of it on my deviantart page I'm still actively working on it during my free time. Yes I am talking about my Kaiju sprite project that I have shown bits and pieces of. I have been working on a few character at a time and as of this journal post, I have manage to finish at least six characters and have been testing them out. I am a terrible script and coder so I am still struggling with how Mugen works. Then that all changed in September when I applied for scripting and coding for the Unity Engine.

The class that I joined was a class that taught you how to do a 2d plat-former and it was quite fun as I learned all of the many steps needed to make a game. This actually had me thinking that I should totally abandon the Mugen engine and keep moving forward on studying the unity engine. This means that all of my sprites that has been created for Mugen will be transferred over into Unity as I work on this project. Sadly it pains me that I will never upload this game as the project is mainly made for a few of my closest friends. Why is it only made for a few friends? I guess you can say that they were the ones that helped me coupe with my personal issues during the worst of 2015 and 2016.

Now as for Shin Godzilla, I actually liked the movie and enjoyed it. I know that the fans are split about the movie and honestly I am quite fine with that split as I think it gives people a great understanding on what Godzilla means to everyone. Mainly how every saw the movies message differently. My favorite moments within the movie was really more of the politics and permissions that was needed to be done in order for the human characters to do anything. It was a pretty fresh take on the movie and I am aware that a lot of people had issue with this (or mainly the human part as it is boring to them). I wish I can give a proper review but I think there are enough reviews on the internet that focus on all of the good and bad of the film already.

I do hope that Toho keeps this film as a stand alone movie though. The film itself I feel did a perfect closer where it's gives itself an open ending which I believe was intended on Anno's part. My biggest disappointment about Shin Godzilla though, is the limited merchandising that it had. I felt like there should have been more being done for him than anything. I felt the same way during Godzilla 2014 as well (mainly the lack of Muto figure was a disappointment) and I hope that they fix that in the next Godzilla movie, which I am really hyped up for.

The MMO life: FFXIV

While I was in my slum of not feeling like drawing for the past year, one of the things that I was able to occupy myself with was playing an MMO called Final Fantasy XIV. 2015 all the way to late 2016 were hard times for me mentally, physically, and financially. Times are hard right now and the best that we can do is make sure that we don't hurt ourselves or have us get thrown into an area where we can't recover. Even as I write this journal I'm still in a situation where I am struggling to survive. While it isn't as bad as others, it is still a situation where it can drain you as a person. It wasn't until I was introduced to FFXIV by a former co-worker that I was able to start coping with my situation. This is where I placed my focus for the past few months of being away from deviantart.

I was pretty active and even got to the point that I've already caught up with the entire game (as it's current 3.4 patch). I've played multiple MMOs in the past and I have always quickly lost interest in them. FFXIV how ever has kept me actually enjoying the core game as well as the story that it had (mainly the story impressed me).

I've met a few friends, joined a few guilds, even transferred to another server during the time that I have with this game. It is a MMO game I would love to recommend to anyone as I think the overall game is done quite well. It's actually one of the many games that I would actually leave the music on as oppose to muting the game. I'm not very active in the game though as I am quite casual and only play it on and off when I have the chance. If anyone is interested or actually plays the game, feel free to find me in the Adamantoise server.

2017 goals?:

I'm looking forward to actively draw again as we continue into 2017. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's heading off to a good start. I feel like it's going to be another long harsh year for everyone. 2015 and 2016 left me very bitter and I feel like it is kind of the reason why I am so numb to everything that is currently happening in the world. I rather just focus getting myself back on my feet this year and hopefully I would be able to get back into my creative mood again.

Bonus: Since I didn't have time to draw anything for this journal, here is a random image.

  • Listening to: Porter R. & Madeon - Shelter
  • Reading: Skype Chat
  • Watching: The Simpsons
  • Playing: FFXIV soon
  • Eating: Katsu BENTO!
  • Drinking: H2O


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